IT Support

What is Manage Services?

Managed IT services work on a subscription-style model where customers pay a monthly fee for a third-party provider’s services. This subscription, called a service plan, can be anything from a basic level of service to one that includes maintenance and repairs for anything that goes wrong. This can be an ideal way to offload some of the burdens of setup, maintenance and upgrades that come from an organisation’s IT department.

Why Managed IT services are better?

IT is more powerful, efficient, but more complicated than ever. Every small business has multiple computers, mobile devices, and critical business applications running on cloud services. While computers provide a platform for intelligent business operations, it also creates access points for hackers to try and to get into your network. Information security should be a primary concern. A business computing network requires full-time attention, but can your organization really afford an IT manager, let alone an IT team?

We Can help you to fill this gap

Support / IT Managed Services

We can ensure you have reliable IT support; We customize our services to develop value propositions that meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our teams of skilled service professionals ensure that you receive prompt end efficient service of the highest caliber.

Whether you require short/medium or long term IT help, we can tailor our support contracts to suit your IT needs.

We Can provide below services:

  1. Help Desk / Service Desk Support
  2. Systems Management and Maintenance
  3. Cloud / Hosted Services
  4. Email Management
  5. Backup Management
  6. Monitoring and alerting
  7. Security and patch management
  8. Disaster Recovery (DR) management
  9. Reporting
  10. Antivirus, Spam and Malware management 
  11. Migration and Deployment Services
  12. decommission and Re-installation services.